MOBICAB+ by Albert Masaad is equipped by electronic controllers that are extremely easy to operate even with full hands.Mobile bases are equipped with Motor Current Monitoring System.(MCMS) 
When the mobile base is suddenly hit by an obstacle, the motor will stop and make a backward return between 5 to 10cm. Bases are also equipped with safety sweeps (photocells) that will assure the user of maximum safety while working inside the aisle.

Long mobile cabinets with high loads do not cause a problem because of the “Soft Start and Stop” attribute.
The speed is constant regardless of the weight or length.n addition, lighting can be integrated to the system in a way that only the needed aisle would be lit to reduce power consumption.

The system is manufactured following international standards: UL – CE – GS TÜV.Thanks to the Soft Start, and Stop we guarantee that goods wont fall from shelves especially when you store valuables. It is also interfaced with environmental and security systems such as: lighting, humidity control, ventilation and fire alarm among other features.One touch operation even with full hands thanks to large ergonomic cleverly designed keypads

  • Double sided operation
  • Control aisle lighting upon operation
  • Safety sweeps
  • Movement detection (ADS-EDS)
  • Passive security
  • Movement without vibration
  • System interface
RAL 9003