Athens Store
Thessaloniki Store
Thessaloniki Factory
Λεωφ.Κηφησίας 87
ΤΚ 15124 Μαρούσι
Tel: +30 210-6106884 & 210-6106882
Fax:+30 210-6106883
Δωδεκανήσου 21
ΤΚ 54626
Tel:+30  2310-520399
Fax:+30 2310-520499
15ο χλμ Θεσ/νίκης-Βέροιας
Τ.Θ. 50 Τ.Κ: 57011
Tel:+30 2310-722963 & 2310-722486
Fax:+30 2310-722529
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We Invest and respect man and the environment. We produce in Greece combining technology and expertise. It’s a great pleasure and honor for us to fueling the Greek market and other developed markets with products of great quality.